X:Site Holiday

  • Date:

    Wed 21st Aug - Sun 25th Aug

  • Duration:

    4 nights

  • Age:

    8-11 yr olds

  • Price:

    Standard - £158.00

  • Accommodation:

    Activity Centre

X:site is a holiday for 8 to 11 year olds based at an activity centre in North Yorkshire

X:site is the place of the cross, a fun, friendly and modern way of exploring your faith. Amongst lots of gunge, silly games, a theme park trip, lively meetings and making lifelong friends and memories we learn more about ourselves and our world helping us to evaluate what we believe. Our aim is to have lots of fun whilst looking at the gospel; providing children with the information they need to make an informed choice about their faith journey. Both indoor and tented accommodation is available.

Accommodation: Dorms with bunks (sleep 4-6 people) or shared tents

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Closer to the event you will be asked to complete a medical form and will receive more detailed information about what to bring and when to arrive.

We aim to make all our holidays as affordable as possible. We do not run them to make a profit. If you need financial help to be able to come on the holiday, you can apply for a grant from our Holiday Fund. Applying is easy - just tick the box on the booking form and we will send you a grant application form. The amount of any grant awarded will be deducted directly from the cost of the holiday.

X:Site Holiday, Yorkshire