• Date:

    Sun 11th Aug - Sun 18th Aug

  • Duration:

    7 nights

  • Age:

    12-17 year olds

  • Price:

    Standard - £329.00

  • Accommodation:

    Boarding School

LiveWires is a Technology-themed residential holiday for 12 to 17 year olds based at a boarding school in Wiltshire.

LiveWires is a technology-focused week which gives young people the chance to experience the worlds of computer animation, video production, electronics, programming and recording studios with systems used by professionals. There’s time away from the computers each day and a day out too.

The ratio of team members to campers is high, with great opportunities to get to know and support young people within their faith journey. This holiday is based at a boarding school in Wiltshire and facilities include an outdoor heated swimming pool. You can find out more here.


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Accommodation: Dorms

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We aim to make all our holidays as affordable as possible. We do not run them to make a profit. If you need financial help to be able to come on the holiday, you can apply for a grant from our Holiday Fund. Applying is easy - just tick the box on the booking form and we will send you a grant application form. The amount of any grant awarded will be deducted directly from the cost of the holiday.

Livewires, Wiltshire


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